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By Ovation Dentistry
June 08, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Removal Dentures  
You have several options when it comes to choosing removable dentures. 
Wearing dentures is no longer a one-size-fits-all situation. Your River Forest, Illinois dentist offers several options to choose from. Each type can be removed for cleaning, but different circumstances call for different sizes and fixtures. Dr. Courtney Villari wants to introduce her patients to the variety of dentures offered at Ovation Dental:Dentures
Complete dentures
Complete or full dentures are traditionally what people think of when they are considering dentures at their River Forest dentist. They are designed for people who have not retained any of their natural teeth. Complete dentures are made of porcelain or ceramic crowns - the replacement teeth - attached to a pinkish colored plastic tray. They fit over the top and/or bottom gum ridges and are affixed with a combination of natural suction and adhesive material. They have to be taken out at night and after meals to clear away any remaining adhesive and food debris.
Partial dentures
If you still have some of your natural teeth, Dr. Villari may recommend partial dentures. These are similar to complete dentures, but made to fit in smaller spaces with attachments that hold them onto the teeth on either side of the spaces.

Implant-supported dentures

These restorations look like complete or partial dentures, but they have fixtures that attach to dental implants. Dr. Villari surgically implants metal posts under the gum line to support the dentures and eliminate the need for denture paste. The dentures essentially "snap" into place over the implants and can be removed and replaced by the patient with ease. This is an excellent option for people who have enough remaining bone in their gum ridges to support the implants. 

Expense and convenience also factor into what kind of dentures are best for you. Regardless of you need, Ovation Dental offers the best materials and expertise available today. Call the office to set up a consultation with Dr. Courtney Villari at her River Forest office if you'd like to learn more about your removable denture options.