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By Ovation Dental
December 22, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Laser Dentistry  

Find out the many benefits to choosing laser dentistry in River Forest.

When you think of visiting your River Forest, IL dentist, Dr. Courtney Villari, and you consider the popular dental instruments used, you laser dentistrymay not immediately think of a laser; however, lasers have a wonderful place in modern dentistry. They are precise, often less invasive and boast shorter healing times. There are many uses for laser dentistry to improve your smile.

Lasers are used in a variety of different ways including:

  • To remove decay
  • To resurface a tooth to make it easier to bond with (an important step for both dental bonding and dental veneers)
  • To clean out a tooth and kill bacteria during root canal treatment
  • To detect cavities
  • To reshape the gums (e.g. gummy smiles)
  • To whiten teeth
  • To treat gum disease and kill bacteria that lie in the pockets below the gum line
  • To treat canker sores

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what laser dentistry can do for you. Plus, they offer a variety of advantages over the traditional dental tools you may be used to:

  • Less chance of needing anesthesia: Since lasers are more accurate than a drill, they don’t cause as much vibration as traditional tools. This may mean that you won’t need anesthesia for some treatments as you would if we were using a dental drill.
  • Less bleeding: Again, precision coupled with less invasive incisions means that there will be less bleeding, tenderness and swelling after your procedure. Plus, lasers can also cauterize these regions to reduce post-operative bleeding.
  • Tissue preservation: With traditional tools, which aren’t as precise, we may have to remove more tissue (even healthy tissue) during certain dental treatments. However, if you use laser dental treatments, less tissue will need to be removed due to better accuracy.
  • Fast healing: Since there are fewer post-operative side effects, you’ll also notice that healing times are quicker. Unlike with more traditional methods, often times patients who undergo laser dentistry don’t need stitches.

Are you interested in finding out what laser dentistry can do for you? Then it’s time you called Ovation Dental in River Forest to schedule your next visit with Dr. Villari.