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By Ovation Dental
June 24, 2016
Category: Dental Health
Tags: Flossing  

Don't neglect the daily time you spend flossing your teeth. You can do a good job in just a couple of minutes, and it's an investment that flossingpays dividends of reduced plaque and tartar and a brighter, healthier teeth and gums. Your River Forest, IL dentist, Dr. Courtney Villari, believes that preventive dentistry services, such as oral exams and hygienic cleanings, form the foundation of her dental practice and your oral health.

Why Flossing is Important

In addition to six-month check-ups and prophylactic cleanings, disciplined oral hygiene practices at home support healthy teeth and gums, preventing tooth decay and gum disease. The American Dental Association recommends that children through adults in their senior years brush their teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and a soft brush. These expert dentists also laud the benefits of flossing at least once a day.

Why is flossing so important? Flossing removes the sticky plaque that tooth brushing misses. That plaque collects between teeth and under the gums. Fairly quickly, it combines with oral bacteria, acids and other organic compounds in the mouth, forming hard tartar that contributes to gum disease, cavities, gum recession, bone recession and even tooth loss. Only a dental hygienist can scrape away tartar with her handheld instruments or ultrasonic cleaners.

FYIs on Flossing

Professionals, such as River Forest, IL dentist, Dr. Courtney Villari, agree that patients should choose whatever flossing product they like and will use consistently. So, whether it's waxed or unwaxed, flavored or plain, thick or thin, the best floss is the one you use correctly every single day.

Additionally, patients may floss at any time of day they want. Usually, people brush first and then floss, but that is not a hard and fast rule. Most individuals floss at bedtime, leaving the mouth clean through the night. Floss should be used only once and then thrown out.

Do You Floss?

Many people neglect this important part of dental hygiene. Your dentist and hygienist can tell whether or not you floss because without flossing, gums:

  • are red and puffy
  • bleed easily
  • may become infected
  • start to pull away from tooth surfaces
  • form periodontal pockets

So, be honest. If you don't floss, ask your hygienist to show you how, and then, commit to do it everyday. Your healthy smile will thank you.

If you would like to learn more about oral hygiene, contact Ovation Dental to set-up your semi-annual exam and cleaning. Call (708) 689-0419.