Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month With River Forest Dentist

dental healthWhat do you look forward to in February? Valentine’s Day pops into your mind, right? It’s true that the month of February is when we expect to see a lot of chocolate, teddy bears and roses packed on the store shelves. However, February is also National Children’s Oral Health Month!
At Ovation Dental, Dr. Villari takes oral health education very seriously, as it is the first preventative step to combat cavities and gum disease. To spread awareness about National Children’s Dental Health Month, Dr. Villari stopped by the Life Shop, which is a day program that serves young adults who have an intellectual disability. The Life Shop group is actually a part of a larger parent organization called Opportunity Knocks, which is a local organization serving the Oak Park and River Forest communities.
The mission of Opportunity Knocks is to provide key resources and opportunities for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. This will allow these individuals to grow and explore their interests.
At Life Shop, Dr. Villari provided key information on how to properly brush and floss teeth.

How to brush teeth:

  • Brush at a 45-degree angle towards your gums
  • Gently move your toothbrush back and forth
  • Clean the entire surface of each tooth (back, front, chewing surface)
  • Brush tongue to remove bacteria and freshen breath

How to floss teeth:

  • Use at least 18 inches of floss
  • Hold string between your thumbs and index fingers
  • Move the floss up and down between your teeth
  • Follow the curve of your teeth
  • Don’t snap or yank the floss between teeth or near gum line
Dr. Villari had a fun time with her friends at Life Shop and hopes their oral health education will help them achieve healthier, happier smiles. Now Dr. Villari is planning a trip to visit kindergarten students at local elementary schools in Oak Park—a dentist’s work is never done! And Dr. Villari loves it that way.
How are you planning on spreading awareness for National Children’s Health Month? Let us know in the comments! If you have another dental concern, please call your River Forest dentist at (708) 689-0419. 

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