How Can Tooth Contouring Give Me A More Attractive Smile?

This non-invasive cosmetic procedure could give you the smile you want.

No matter how cautious we try to be it can be frustrating when we still have to deal with a chipped tooth or severe dental stain. While these little imperfections might not seem like a big deal comparatively, over time they can make your smile look unappealing.Smile If you are looking to fix minor imperfections or oddly shaped teeth you won’t need multiple visits and invasive treatments to get the look you want. Some patients can easily opt for tooth contouring to get a better looking smile in River Forest, IL.

What is dental contouring?

Sometimes referred to as tooth reshaping, this cosmetic treatment changes the shape and size of the tooth by removing some tooth enamel. Even just shaving off a couple millimeters of enamel can actually change a smile completely. Dental contouring is sometimes combined with dental bonding, which uses a tooth-colored resin to mold and reshape the tooth to improve minor imperfections.

What can tooth contouring fix?

If you are dealing with small chips in the teeth, or oddly shaped or excessively pointy teeth, then tooth contouring can help. Since this procedure is non-invasive it can’t fix major dental issues, however it can improve the look of your smile by reshaping teeth.

How is tooth contouring performed?

Your River Forest, IL dentist uses dental instruments and abrasion to remove the enamel from your teeth. We will first mark the spot to be altered, then use a sanding tool to remove the imperfection and improve the tooth’s overall appearance. Once this is complete we will polish and buff the tooth to smooth it down.

What are the benefits of tooth contouring?

This is a conservative way to change the look of your teeth without invasive or expensive procedures. In fact, this is one of the least expensive ways to cosmetically treat your smile. Furthermore, the fact that anesthesia isn’t needed and the procedure is painless is a major plus for most patients.

Also by fixing issues like small overlaps between teeth, we can lower the chances of developing decay in these harder-to-clean areas. Therefore, tooth contouring actually promotes a healthier smile.

If you are interested in tooth contouring then call your River Forest, IL dentist at Ovation Dental to schedule your next dental visit.

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