Primary Teeth and Tooth Decay: Is It a Big Deal?

Children Oral HealthYour child may have little teeth, but tooth decay is in fact a big deal for them. At Ovation Dental, we try our best to teach families, especially children, the importance of brushing and flossing. Without proper dental care, tiny tikes and their primary teeth could be dealing with more dental problems down the road. 

Little Teeth: Big Dental Problems

Preventative care for children has grown in recent years, and that’s because studies have shown that tooth decay remains the most common chronic disease of children. 
This is primarily a problem for children from ages six to eleven. While it’s true that primary teeth will fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth, one way or another, the oral health of primary teeth can affect the eruption of the permanent ones. 
The disadvantages of primary teeth with decay:
  • Oral pain
  • Decline in oral health
  • Possible dental infection
If infection occurs, a child needs to see a dentist for care. A primary tooth infection can damage the permanent teeth, which are still developing underneath the gums. 

River Forest dentist teaches tooth-friendly facts for kindergarteners 

The best possible care a dentist can give to a child is education. It’s important for children to apply what they have learned. And teaching good dental habits can be the first step to better practices in all aspects of life. 
To push for better oral hygiene routines for kindergarteners, Dr. Villari has attended many local elementary schools in the Oak Park area. 
What are you doing to helps your kid(s) practice better dental care? If your child has a cavity, please call our River Forest dentist office at (708) 689-0419.

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