Tooth-Colored Fillings Blend In Like a Superspy!

FillingsHave you ever had a cavity filled? If it was done even in the recent past, you may have dark metal fillings taking up space on several of your teeth. At Ovation Dental in River Forest, Illinois, Dr. Courtney Villari only uses tooth-colored resin fillings for cavities. They offer a much more attractive option than traditional metal, or amalgam, fillings. Are there other advantages to this material? Learn about them here.

What are amalgam fillings?

Amalgam has been the standard material for filling cavities for many years. Amalgam fillings are sometimes called "silver" fillings; while they do have silver in them, they also contain tin, copper and mercury. The latter comprises about 50% of the mixture; it is the only material that can properly bind the other metals together before they harden. Dental experts have determined that amalgam fillings do not expose the body to high levels of mercury; in fact, the exposure from fillings is less than the intake from the daily environment or the food we eat. However, some people believe that no level of mercury is considered "safe" and steps should be taken to eliminate our exposure if possible.

What are resin fillings?

Tooth-colored fillings may also be called composite, resin or white fillings. They are made up of finely ground glass particles and synthetic materials that, when combined together by your River Forest dentist Dr. Villari, match the color of your teeth.

What are the advantages of tooth-colored fillings?

When it comes to aesthetics, there's no comparison. White fillings aren't noticeable against the teeth, so your smile looks perfect and unblemished. In years past, tooth-colored fillings have been considered to be weaker than amalgam, but advancements in dental technology have strengthened the properties of resin, even making it comparable to metal. They also bond more easily to the tooth structure. And since one of the ingredients in the resin material is fluoride, your fillings will actually be fighting decay as they blend into your teeth!

If you'd like your dental work to be a well-kept secret, ask your River Forest dentist Dr. Villari about receiving resin fillings at your next appointment.

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