River Forest Dental Practice Welcomes Newest Team Member

RIVER FOREST, IL—The Bureau of Labor Statistics postulates that the ongoing research regarding oral health’s impact on general health will only increase the demand for preventive dental services. With this increase in dental services comes the demand for more professionals in the industry. One River Forest dental practice recently experienced such a demand and hired a new dental assistant to join their team.

Ovation Dental is a comprehensive dental practice located in River Forest, IL, and this seven-team practice recently welcomed a new dental assistant to their team: Angelica. Angelica is currently a student at Dominican University where she studies social work. The Ovation Dental team describes her as energetic and caring, and they are happy to welcome her as the newest addition to their growing medical team.

As with most dental assistants, Angelica is in charge of several important office tasks including ensuring that patients are comfortable prior to treatment, assisting in procedures by handing the dentist her instruments, instructing patients on proper oral care, scheduling appointments, working with patient billing and payment, and also keeping a medical record of each patient’s dental treatments. Dental Assistants are responsible for everything ranging from patient care to recordkeeping.

With the increase in patients, Ovation Dental new they would need to add another dedicated member to its team to help make office visits easier on patients. Ovation Dental is excited to have Angelica on board to offer her knowledgeable services to their patients.

To find out more about Ovation Dental, visit its website: http://www.villaridds.com. For questions, or to schedule an appointment, call their River Forest office at (708) 689-0419.

About Ovation Dental: Ovation Dental is owned and operated by Dr. Courtney Villari, DDS. An Oak Park native, Dr. Villari earned her DDS from the University of Illinois at Chicago Dental School. Dr. Villari also provides dental supplies to homeless shelters and visits local schools annually to teach children about the importance of oral hygiene. Dr. Villari has completed continuing education courses in a variety of dental procedures, from dental implants to oral surgery.

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