• How Dental Implants Can Help You
    Do you need to replace one or more missing teeth? Find out whether dental implants are the right choice. Do you have unsightly gaps in your smile due to tooth loss? Read more
  • What Laser Dentistry Can Do for Your Smile
    Find out the many benefits to choosing laser dentistry in River Forest. When you think of visiting your River Forest, IL dentist, Dr. Courtney Villari, and you consider the popular dental instruments Read more
  • How Dental Crowns Help Your Smile
    Find out all that dental crowns could do to improve the health of a damaged tooth. You probably already know about dental crowns, after all they have been around for a Read more
  • Flavored Toothpaste Can Help Get Your Ones To Brush More Often
    Helping your child build good habits in their oral care routine is just as important as teaching them proper hygiene or to eat their veggies. However, children are infamous for Read more
  • Why You Shouldn't Skimp On Flossing
    Don't neglect the daily time you spend flossing your teeth. You can do a good job in just a couple of minutes, and it's an investment that pays dividends of Read more
  • The Ways Veneers Can Improve Your Smile
    In recent years, cosmetic dentistry has proven that achieving the perfect smile is easier and faster than ever. One of the most drastic ways to improve your smile is with Read more
  • What is Painless Dentistry?
    If you feel anxious even thinking about sitting in the dentist’s chair, you are not alone. However, did you know there is a way to face your fear and have Read more
  • How Do Dental Implants Work?
    Dental implants offer a permanent way to replace lost teeth. Dr. Courtney Villari, your River Forest, IL, dentist at Ovation Dental, explains how implants work. What are implants? Dental implants are small Read more
  • Tips for brushing
    Like coloring inside the lines and sharing arts and crafts supplies with our classmates, brushing our teeth correctly is something most of us learn in the halcyon days of pre-school. Read more
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings Blend In Like a Superspy!
    Have you ever had a cavity filled? If it was done even in the recent past, you may have dark metal fillings taking up space on several of your teeth. Read more
  • Are Removable Dentures Right For Me?
    You have several options when it comes to choosing removable dentures.    Wearing dentures is no longer a one-size-fits-all situation. Your River Forest, Illinois dentist offers several options to choose from. Each Read more
  • Laser Dentistry Can Solve Your Dental Ills
    The dental professionals at Ovation Dental in River Forest, IL are happy to offer their patients laser dentistry. This is a technological advancement that makes it easier for dentists to Read more
  • How Can Tooth Contouring Give Me A More Attractive Smile?
    This non-invasive cosmetic procedure could give you the smile you want. No matter how cautious we try to be it can be frustrating when we still have to deal with a Read more
  • What to Know About Inlays and Onlays
    Has your dentist recommended an inlay or an onlay to repair a cavity? Courtney R. Villari, D.D.S. of Ovation Dental in River Forest wants you to know what they are Read more
  • Tooth Decay Was a Serious Problem 15,000 Years Ago
    A new finding in Morocco's Grotte des Pigeons reveals that tooth decay is far from a new problem. Relics found dating back 15,000 years from people in the Pleistocene era Read more
  • River Forest Dental Practice Welcomes Newest Team Member
    RIVER FOREST, IL—The Bureau of Labor Statistics postulates that the ongoing research regarding oral health’s impact on general health will only increase the demand for preventive dental services. With this increase in Read more

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